The latest: 15 December 2013

Spot on finish with Museum calf

Micael Magnusson, December 15th, 2013

Usually, in the shoe business, patterns are created by applying a shallow coating on the leather, either by yourself, crouching over your coffee table, or by a nice man/woman on the factory floor. Almost exclusively all shoe finishing is created when the shoe is completely done. John Lobb expanded this set process and created something more durable, deep and solid in order for the finish to, in terms of lifetime, go side by side with the rest of the shoe.

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Want an Action figuer Watch?

Tobias Sondefors, December 8th, 2013

The legendary Italo Fontana founded U-Boat in Lucca, Italy. The life of the company as we know it today was founded early in 2000 and then exclusively sold to a selected group of high-end boutiques. Italo’s grandfather Ilvo Fontana constructed the original drawings of U-Boat in the early part of this century for the Italian naval forces.

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Copy&Paste Success

Szymon Zürn, December 1st, 2013

Is it possible to copy&paste success? ..and for that reason it’s often recommended to establish a pair of great rolemodels, or blueprints if you like.. by copying and excecuting their patterns one will also gain success..  But who do you follow when you decide to go Against your rolemodels?


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